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  • Get Referral Fee $50 for referring Consultative Will
  • External Booking Consult Lawyer
    Professional Services
    Lasting Power of Attorney


Certified Estate Planner

Includes everything in Member +
  • Higher Referral Fee $100 for referring Consultative Will
  • Will Tools Build & send Will
    Snapshot of who gets what
    Record Witnesses
    Deposit & retrieve Will
  • Estate Planning Training Educate and upgrade yourself through our 1.5 days course. E-learning now available!
  • Certification Showcase yourself as a full fledged Certified Estate Planner
  • Unlimited Wills Draft, save and generate unlimited Wills upon completion of training
  • Commercial usage Insert your financial advisory
  • Pricing Control & Fee Sharing You decide on the discount your client gets for Wills assisted by you! Fee-sharing applicable on final price.
  • Professional Indemnity Be protected as our Additional Insured

S$ 599
Yearly Subscription

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S$ 45

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multiline_chart gA-Crystal

S$ 50

per month

S$ 450

per year

Certified Estate Planner enjoys 40% discount @ S$30 per month or S$270 per year


Multi-Layer LogicWith just a gross salary input, it could derive CPF contributions, CPF Tax reliefs and CPF Life payout taking into account CPF nuances such as where the interest are allocated and what are the BHS, FRS. And there’s much more.


Realistic DrawdownLiquid assets will automatically drawdown upon shortage of cash with Banks being drawdown proportionally first followed by other non-bank liquid assets. It even correctly treats any applicable CPF amount as liquid assets after age 55.


Very VisualGet a sense of everything in one quick glance at the charts or analyse the breakdowns. Drag your retirement age to see how everything changes.


Show SimulationsUse our preset scenarios or even build your very own. Use the toggles to show how it directly impacts the finances. These simulations are stackable!

Join us either as a Certified Estate Planner or a Member. Upon completing your account verification, go to Settings > Account and turn on gA-Crystal.

Why Certified Estate Planner?


Unlimited WillsEnjoy the freedom to draft, save and generate unlimited Wills. Do it for your clients, potential leads and be amazed by the possibilities!


Build RelationshipsEnhance your consultant-client relationship by providing them a personal valued service. Help draft a Will, not sell them one!


Discover LeadsValue add by giving financial advice as part of the process. The 2 witnesses required to sign the Will may need it as well!


Complete EmpowermentWe don't give you the knowledge only to ask you to refer your clients. Be empowered to draft the Will!


Professional IndemnityEnjoy the same PI protection as us as our Additional Insured at no extra charge!


Superb PlatformOur intuitively designed mobile friendly platform is easy to use. Generate high quality complex Wills, anytime, anywhere!

How it Works?


Complete TrainingMore than just Will knowledge and usage of the platform, we also include a session to help integrate financial advice into your workflow. E-learning enabled.


Send Your LinkAll you need is your potential clients' email addresses to send them an account. They will be guided through a step-by-step process within the platform.


Review WillCome in at the last step to review the Will, and give financial advice as part of a complete Estate Planning.

For any enquiries, contact us at